Are Mormons Christians?; Offenders for a Word

STEPHEN E. ROBINSON. Are Mormons Christians? Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1991.

DANIEL C. PETERSON and STEPHEN D. RICKS. Offenders for a Word. Salt Lake City: Aspen Books, 1992.

Offenders for a Word and Are Mormons Christians? both address the familiar criticism that Latter-day Saints are not Christian. In different ways, each book argues that it is erroneous to claim that Mormons are not Christians.

Stephen E. Robinson’s Are Mormons Christians? considers several general reasons given by critics for excluding Latter-day Saints from the category of Christians. For each reason, the book shows that exclusion is unjustifiable on religious, doctrinal, and historical grounds. Robinson considers criticisms that exclude Latter-day Saints by definition, by misrepresentation, by name-calling, by tradition, and on the grounds of canonical or doctrinal differences, especially those relating to the Latter-day Saint concept of God.

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