Book of Mormon Reference Companion

The Book of Mormon Reference Companion strives to do for the Book of Mormon what generations of encyclopedic Bible dictionaries have done for the Bible. The work of eight editors (including a graphics editor who has assembled hundreds of fine color pictures) has led to an attractive tome of over nine hundred entries by over one hundred contributors on the “peoples, places, doctrines, books, historical topics, general topics of interest, and important words and phrases in the text.”

This volume will serve as a ready reference for personal scripture study as well as a handy resource for answers to academic questions about the Book of Mormon. Some past guides to the Book of Mormon have emphasized devotional topics, leaving those searching for rich scholarly context wanting more; others have been thick on scholarship but thin on aids to gaining inspiration through scripture study. Drawing on the efforts of top CES educators as well as the work of FARMS and BYU scholars, the Book of Mormon Reference Companion offers something for everyone, and the volume succeeds as both a devotional aid and as scholarly reference work.

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