From Persecutor to Apostle: A Biography of Paul

As author Thomas Wayment noted in a radio interview publicizing From Persecutor to Apostle, we know more about Paul’s life than we do about any other single person in the first century, and yet most of the books on Paul focus primarily on his teachings. In contrast, Wayment wanted to write a book about Paul himself, his family background, his early experiences, his missionary challenges, and his character in a way that would engage the general Latter-day Saint reader.

As an associate professor of ancient scripture at Brigham Young University with a PhD in New Testament studies from Claremont Graduate University, Wayment is well prepared to undertake such a study. He is coeditor of the excellent three-volume series of essays, The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ (2003, 2005, 2006), as well as coauthor of the beautifully illustrated and well-researched Jesus Christ and the World of the New Testament (2006), a reference book that is difficult to lay down once you pick it up. (I admit I bought at least ten copies for family and friends at Christmas.) Both previous projects draw on a wealth of current scholarship as well as insights from Latter-day Saint sources in a combination that offers readers the best of both worlds. In From Persecutor to Apostle, however, Wayment limits his citations, quoting only LDS General Authorities and ancient authors.

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