Historia de los Mormones en Argentina: Relatos de Pioneros and Historia de los Santos de los Últimos DÍas en Uruguay: Relatos de Pioneros

Compared to virtually any other region in the world, Latin America has witnessed exponential LDS growth in the last three decades. And yet, scholarship for this area has lagged behind. Within the general sphere of Latin American studies, there has been much work done on religious movements beginning in the early sixties with liberation theology and continuing through the eighties and nineties with the growth of Protestantism and evangelicalism. To a small degree, the Latter-day Saints have received some attention in the latter works. However, more often than not these have tended towards oversimplifications or incorrect assessments of how Church members see themselves. For example, see David Stoll’s Is Latin America Turning Protestant? The Politics of Evangelical Growth (University of California Press, 1990), 103–106. Dr. Mark Grover of Brigham Young University has pointed out that Mormon scholars have not done much to clarify these misnomers. In fact, there is a paucity of literature on the subject.

Published in BYU Studies Quarterly 44:2
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