Mourn with Those That Mourn . . . Comfort Those That Stand in Need of Comfort: Dean Byrd’s Diary of the Kosovar Refugee Camps

If you’ve ever wondered how the nongovernmental organization (NGO) Latter-day Saint Charities responds to emotional aftermath and trauma of human catastrophes, then this original publication of a diary detailing a psychologist’s work with Kosovar refugees will comprehensively explain the joy inherent in an effort to share each other’s burdens.

Operating under the umbrella of Welfare Services and the direction of the Presiding Bishopric, LDS Charities is a recognized NGO around the world, maintaining offices in fifteen countries from Cambodia to Zimbabwe. The proximity of those offices, of welfare storehouses, and of local branch, ward, and stake buildings, along with the willing service of members and missionaries, allows food and materials to be rushed to crisis locations in days or even hours.

Moreover, various Church-owned facilities, both charitable and commercial, and legions of capable volunteers provide a strategic reserve to deal with large crises and even to deal with more than one crisis at a time. One crisis that tested the Church’s capacity to respond erupted in the Balkans in 1999.

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