Pioneer Spirit: Modern-day Stories of Courage and Conviction

During the sesquicentennial year of 1997, while celebrating the faith and courage of nineteenth-century pioneers, Latter-day Saints were encouraged to recognize that pioneering occurs in many ways and many places. Heidi Swinton’s lively book drives home this point—telling story after story of the pioneering spirit of Saints throughout the world.

The author has published a number of original sketches, energetically conducting oral history interviews and drawing from unpublished material, but she has also summarized many sketches first published in the Church News or in Church magazines. The stories are from all parts of the world; however, the majority come from England, Continental Europe, and Asia, with fewer from South America, Africa, Canada, the United States, and the Pacific Islands. Because it is difficult, if not impossible, to cover the diversity of the modern Latter-day Saint experience in a work of this kind, Pioneer Spirit offers only a sampling.

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