Sweet Is the Word: Reflections on the Book of Mormon-Its Narrative, Teachings, and People

At the height of a successful career as a scholar, teacher of American literature, and university administrator, Marilyn Arnold took early retirement from Brigham Young University. It would seem, from the writings appearing out of St. George (on both Latter-day Saint and general literary topics), that she is using her time well.

Sweet Is the Word is designed, Arnold tells us, for at least two audiences. It is written partially for her colleagues who are not Latter-day Saints—people who, as she herself says, may be perplexed that a person with such training and literary experience could take Joseph Smith and Mormonism seriously. The author continues, “I also write it for my Mormon friends, . . . those who have not yet been swept away by the miracle of the [Book of Mormon], and those who have. May the latter find new reason to celebrate it.”

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