The Role of the Lawyer in Modern Society

Warren E. Burger believes “Until the society of the Golden Rule is achieved, lawyers and judges will be necessary components wherever men and women are gathered together in villages, towns, and cities where they must rub shoulders, share boundaries, and deal with each other daily. Lawyers will be necessary because, in their highest role, they are the healers of conflicts and they can provide the lubricants that permit the diverse parts of a social order to function with a minimum of friction. I emphasize that this is the role of the lawyer in the highest conception of our profession, but we know that members of our profession do not universally practice according to these great traditions and with due regard for the moral basis of much of our law. Yet laymen must try to remember that the process of resolving the balance of a lawyer’s duty to his client with the public good presents problems of great difficulty at times.

Published in BYU Studies Quarterly 16:4
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