The Vision That You Have . . . Augurs Well for the Development of Still Better Things: The Role of Accreditation in Securing the Future of Brigham Young University, 1921–1928

In 1921, Franklin S. Harris was appointed president of Brigham Young University, During his first visit to campus, Harris articulated his vision for the future of the young institution. He said, “The President of the Church Commission of Education, and all who have anything to do with Church schools are determined to make this ‘the great Church University.'” President Harris had a different vision about what it meant to be “the great Church University” than did his predecessors. While they had focused on the importance of teacher education, Harris believed that the institution needed to equip students with the skills to become leaders in the academy, the government, civic organizations, and the Church. This was a radical reconceptualization of the role of Brigham Young University that would have a far-reaching impact.

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