Tolerance: Principles, Practices, Obstacles, Limits

Readers familiar with Elder John K. Carmack’s levelheaded and common-sense approach to explaining gospel principles will not be disappointed with his thoughts on tolerance. Written in light of his experiences as a Church leader in California and Asia, this book is a plea for broader understanding and practice of tolerance in its Christian context. Experience has convinced Elder Carmack of the increased need for tolerance in our encounters with people of diverse backgrounds. To grant the timeliness of the message, one need only consider recent outbreaks of violence across the world as previously segregated religious and ethnic groups rekindle prejudice and hatred.

The strength of this book lies in its straightforward approach, although its rhetoric and style are sometimes unpolished. Laying a scriptural and prophetic foundation, this work presents tolerance as a virtue taught and practiced by the Savior, our exemplar in matters of tolerance. Elder Carmack wisely counsels that, in order for tolerance to become an antidote for the poison of worldwide hatred and strife, individuals must adopt attitudes and practices appropriate to the Savior’s teachings. The book then offers advice about how principles of tolerance may be applied in family, church, and public life.

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