Understanding Same-Sex Attraction: Where to Turn and How to Help

Readers looking for a book that supports the idea of homosexuality being an innate part of one’s identity will not be interested in Understanding Same-Sex Attraction: Where to Turn and How to Help. Instead, the authors of this book assert the unpopular opinion, backed by scientific research, that same-sex attraction can be lessened or eradicated in those who desire change and are willing to try. Readers who empathize with the Church’s position on homosexuality will likely find hope and useful ideas in this five-hundred-page compilation, authored by professional psychologists and scholars. The book presents three angles on the topic: the doctrinal stance of the Church, current scientific research, and experiences related anonymously by Latter-day Saints who have dealt with same-sex attraction.

Section 1, “Laying the Groundwork,” examines common misconceptions about homosexuality and invites readers to reevaluate what they know. The second section, “Gospel Perspectives,” provides a doctrinal and spiritual foundation for the rest of the book. Readers familiar with LDS teachings may not find many new ideas in this section, but two full chapters dedicated to what General Authorities have taught on the topic may be an especially useful reference for Church leaders. Other chapters included in this section focus on the necessity of trials, faith, and the Atonement and how to show love and support to those who feel same-sex attraction.

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