Utah History Encyclopedia

Celebrations commemorating important events often result in extra efforts that bring new and significant contributions—milestones within themselves. So it is with Allan Kent Powell’s Utah History Encyclopedia. What began years ago as a gleam in the Utah Historical Society’s eye came to fruition because of goals to complete the book in time for the Utah State Centennial in 1996. This comprehensive collection covers subjects varying from prehistory to recent happenings. Like other encyclopedias, this hefty reference work provides foundational information that will satisfy the needs of some readers and will serve others as an important base for further inquiry. It is the first Utah history compiled in encyclopedic form, and it will benefit many segments of the state’s population interested in Utah’s unique and fascinating past.

School children and their teachers studying Utah history have long been in need of just such a volume. Now second-grade students, whose curriculum includes community history; literally have at their fingertips the history of nearly every Utah town. Fourth- and seventh-grade students, who study the entire state, have each aspect of the state’s history laid out for examination. Thus the encyclopedia is invaluable as a reference work for revealing numerous state historical subjects to young minds.

Published in BYU Studies Quarterly 35:3
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