Utah, the Right Place: The Official Centennial History

Identified as “The Official Centennial History” of Utah, this outstanding volume is well worth reading for anyone interested in Utah or Mormon history. Officially commissioned as a Utah Statehood Centennial Project of the Utah State Historical Society, Utah, the Right Place should be welcomed by every student and teacher of Utah history for its remarkable combination of comprehensiveness, conciseness, balance, and literary quality. Not often does a one-volume survey combine all these qualities so effectively.

The book consists of sixteen chapters. The first chapter provides a fine summary of the geological history of Utah; the second, a look at Native Americans, who inhabited the Beehive State as early as 11,000 B.C. Aspects of their lives are discussed in such a way that the reader should never forget their essential role in Utah’s history. The third chapter covers the activities and influence of the explorers, entrepreneurs (trappers and traders), and immigrants who preceded the Mormon migration into the area.

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