We’ll Find the Place: The Mormon Exodus, 1846-1848

This fascinating book is a new interpretation of a major LDS history event by a prize-winning historian. It is published by an LDS press but aimed at the serious history reader, LDS or non-LDS. The author recently joined the BYU Religious Education faculty after nearly twenty years heading the University of Manitoba’s Department of Archives and Special Collections. This book serves as a sequel to his noted Winter Quarters study, Mormons at the Missouri, 1846–1852: “And Should We Die.”

Bennett’s We’ll Find the Place is one of a profusion of important history books generated by the Mormon pioneer sesquicentennials (1996–1997). Others include the Iowa Mormon Trail essays volume; edited diaries of Mary Richards, Patty Sessions, Louisa Pratt, and Thomas Bullock (1848); Carol Madsen’s edited Mormon Trail accounts in Journey to Zion; a BYU Studies anthology of articles, Coming to Zion; two reissues: 111 Days to Zion and the Daughters of Utah Pioneers Tales of a Triumphant People (about settling sections of Great Salt Lake Valley); Norma Rickett’s Mormon Battalion study; and several day-by-day documentaries and outstanding photograph/art books.

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