What Does God Think about America? Some Challenges for Evangelicals and Mormons

I visited an Evangelical church once in my younger years where the sermon of the day featured a straightforward exposition of the teachings associated with dispensationalist premillennialism. The signs of the times are clear, the preacher said. Wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes and famine. Widespread lawlessness. The prophetic clock is ticking. God’s plan for the future of the earth centers on the Jewish people, who will eventually recognize the true Messiah and inherit all the earthly promises given to them of old. All other nations are doomed to pass away. The destiny of Gentile Christians is a spiritual and heavenly one, and soon all faithful Christians will be raptured, to meet their Lord in the air and be taken to their heavenly home. Then comes the tribulations, after which the Lord Jesus will return to establish his millennial Kingdom with its center in Jerusalem.

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