Who Shall Declare His Generation?

In this article Bruce R. McConkie states, “As I analyze and view the matter, it seems to me that the greatest miracle that ever occurred was the miracle of creation: the fact that God, our Heavenly Father, brought us into being; . . . It seems to me that the second greatest miracle that has ever occurred, in this or any of God’s creations, is the atoning sacrifice of his Son; . . . The underlying foundation upon which the atoning sacrifice of Christ rests is the doctrine of the divine sonship . . . the doctrine of his coming into mortality . . . is what I consider, in many respects, to be the third greatest miracle of eternity. Therefore his birth is the third greatest miracle of eternity.” The birth of the Savior, being the third greatest miracle of eternity, is the subject of this BYU devotional, given December 2, 1975.

Published in BYU Studies Quarterly 16:4
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