The Best of the Frontier Guardian

The Best of the Frontier Guardian

The Best of the Frontier Guardian

Author Susan E. Black

The Frontier Guardian was published in Kanesville, Pottawatamie County, Iowa, from 1849 to 1851. The newspaper was started by Orson Hyde, who used it to maintain contact among the Latter-day Saints and to help keep them focused on their ultimate destination in the West.

However, the Guardian's content reflected the diverse culture of the region. The paper covered local, national, and international news. Information about the westward trek—mostly to the Salt Lake Valley and to the California gold fields—appeared in every issue, and those who traveled west had various religious affiliations.

The Guardian is a window into this way station for westward emigration, and the newspaper illuminates the religious, social, economic, and political aspects of this frontier community.

Includes searchable DVD-ROM of all 81 issues.

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