A Call to Russia: Glimpses of Missionary Life

A Call to Russia: Glimpses of Missionary Life

A Call to Russia: Glimpses of Missionary Life

Author Thomas F. Rogers

Hopeful and heartbreaking, sobering and exultant. A Call to Russia captures missionary life as experienced by a mission president, his wife and daughter, and the sisters and elders who served under him. But above all, this book is an invitation to reflect upon our own lives. Some glimpses from President Rogers:

"Our senior district president recently asked me, 'What are your greatest impressions since coming here?' I answered, 'Faith and love. Love and faith.' And the way things seem to fall apart on at least a weekly basis before they're somehow put back together."

"In our quest to see God's face, what most matters in mortality is how we face one another--with what patience, tenderness, mercy, and good humor."

"Another great blessing—a mission makes us more aware than otherwise of our personal inadequacies."

"A friend wrote me, 'You've certainly changed.' It's good others can see how the gospel has indeed changed us—how we have repented. As a great assistant to the president put it, 'The best missionary is a repenting missionary.'"

"We all confront, all the time, a choice between two paths. One is higher, with steeper terrain, where you often strain to catch your breath or to reach a handhold. The other lies well below it and tends if anything toward a gradual and easy descent."