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Remembering Paul Lawrence Anderson

Remembering Paul Lawrence Anderson

Paul L. Anderson, an architect, historian of Mormon architecture, and curator for the BYU Museum of Art, passed away on March 23, 2018. We recognize Paul's work at BYU from 1991 to 2014; our friends at the BYU Museum of Art wrote,

"With the inception of the BYU Museum of Art, Paul's early influence helped shape and establish the institution as one of the premier university museums in the country. To the present day, much of its interior space reflects Paul's gifts as an architect and designer. He has served for more than twenty-one years at the MOA, first as Head of Design and then as Curator of Southwest American Art."

We at BYU Studies remember Paul's assistance behind the scenes as a peer reviewer for articles we have published, but most of all for allowing us to publish his article on the architecture of the Hawai'i Temple, "A Jewel in the Gardens of Paradise: The Art and Architecture of the Hawai'i Temple," published in 2000. This article looks at the architecture and decoration of the temple, with photos and identification of the characters in the four friezes that adorn the top of the exterior walls.

We will miss Paul as an author, historian, and friend, and give our sincere condolences to his family.