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Remembering Stephen E. Robinson

Remembering Stephen E. Robinson

Our friend and colleague Stephen Robinson has passed away. While he was especially and widely known for his book Believing Christ, and his 1990 BYU devotional "Believing Christ: A Practical Approach to the Atonement," we at BYU Studies also remember his contributions to our journal and to The Encyclopedia of Mormonism, linked below. He had a quick wit and keen insight into both historical and modern Christianity and we will dearly miss him. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family.

"The Apocalypse of Adam," BYU Studies 17, no. 2
Gnosticism is primarily concerned with the questions, Who am I? Where am I from? and What is my destiny? That the answers to these questions are often associated with the creation, the Garden, and the fall of man is probably due to the Gnostic presupposition that the end of all things is to be found in their beginning. Of those documents which manifest this concern, the Nag Hammadi Apocalypse of Adam is perhaps the prime example.

"The Noncanonical Sayings of Jesus," BYU Studies 36, no. 2
Is it possible that genuine sayings of Jesus circulated anciently that were not preserved in the canonical Gospels? This is not only possible, it is veritably certain. This article evaluates publications since 1889 by Resch, Ropes, Jeremias, and others that claim to present the words of Jesus.

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