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Recent Releases from the Church Historian’s Press

Recent Releases from the Church Historian’s Press

The Joseph Smith Papers Project releases two new print volumes a year (the most recent being Documents, Volume 7: September 1839—January 1841) and releases new web content quarterly. But these aren't the only publications published under the Church Historian's Press imprint; new products are regularly released from the publisher. Other publications include a collection of documents chronicling the history of the Relief Society in the nineteenth century and a collection of paintings paired with quotations from Latter–day Saint pioneers.

In June 2018, the Church Historian's Press announced the online publication of the final installment of the journal of influential Latter–day Saint leader George Q. Cannon. The press began publishing installments of Cannon's journal in 2016. The journal is unusually extensive and detailed, consisting of fifty–two volumes. Covering 1849 to 1901, Cannon's journal details everything from his first mission to Hawaii in 1850 to his experience as a territorial delegate in Congress. The journal provides an unfiltered look not only into Cannon's remarkable life but also into central Latter–day Saint leadership at a time when the church was undergoing great change. The fifty–year time span covered in the journal also allows readers to see wide–sweeping change not only in the church but also in politics, technology, travel, and other areas.

In contrast with the press's previous projects, the Cannon journal has been made available online, rather than in print, and without historical annotation aside from some introductory material. This has allowed the press to make this crucial historical record available quickly and more economically. As with other Church Historian's Press publications, meticulous attention has been paid to produce an accurate and reliable transcript.

The press has also just published the book At the Pulpit: 185 Years of Discourses by Latter–day Saint Women, which was first released in English in early 2017, online in Spanish and Portuguese. This is the first non–English publication by the Church Historian's Press. Spanish is the second–most spoken language (after English) throughout the world among Latter–day Saints, followed by Portuguese. The release of this book in Spanish and Portuguese will expand the opportunity to learn from unique Latter–day Saint women to millions more members throughout the world.

Latter–day Saint women have played key roles in teaching and leading throughout the history of the church. The book captures wisdom, experience, and insight from women around the world of various backgrounds and ethnicities. The historic and contemporary speeches in the book can be found translated, in their entirety, online and in the LDS Gospel Library app in the "Church History" section at no cost. The twenty–two original audio recordings of the discourses have not yet been translated into Spanish and Portuguese, but a recording of one speech originally given in Spanish is available for listening online.