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Remembering Richard L. Anderson (1926-2018)

Remembering Richard L. Anderson (1926-2018)

Richard L. Anderson passed away August 12, 2018. We remember him as a dedicated, meticulous, and kind scholar, one of the greats of Mormon history writing. We are grateful that he published many articles in BYU Studies. They are listed here. We sincerely send our condolences to his family and close colleagues.

"New Data for Revising the Missouri 'Documentary History'," BYU Studies 14, no. 4, 1974

"Atchison's Letters and the Causes of Mormon Expulsion from Missouri," BYU Studies 26, no. 3 (1986)

"The Political and Social Realities of Zion's Camp," co–authored with Peter Crawley, BYU Studies 14, no. 4 (1974)

"The Impact of the First Preaching in Ohio," BYU Studies 11, no. 4 (1971)

"Joseph Smith's New York Reputation Reappraised," BYU Studies 10, no. 3 (1970)

"The Mature Joseph Smith and Treasure Searching," BYU Studies 24, no. 4 (1984)

"Joseph Smith and the Millenarian Time Table," BYU Studies 3, no. 3–4

"The Fraudulent Archko Volume," BYU Studies 15, no. 1 (1974)

"Reuben Miller, Recorder of Oliver Cowdery's Reaffirmations," BYU Studies 8, no. 3 (1968)

"Circumstantial Confirmation of the First Vision Through Reminiscences," BYU Studies 9, no. 3 (1969)

Click on each link for a description and full PDF of the article. Richard also wrote several book reviews for BYU Studies. The range of these topics show Richard's contribution to our understanding of foundational LDS history as well as ancient scripture. We have all been blessed by his faithful work.