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Video Resources Available Online

Video Resources Available Online

BYU Studies recommends videos on LDS topics offered by these resources:

LDS.org has a Media Library with videos on Church history, Bible videos, firesides, and inspirational and instructional topics.

BYU offers a Campus Education Week YouTube channel and videos and texts of BYU Speeches.

The Joseph Smith Papers offers videos on Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and early Mormon history, including videos about the project that appeared on television.

BYU Religious Education has a YouTube channel with videos from the annual Sperry Symposium (scripture studies conference), Easter Conference, Church history travel study, and more.

BYU Studies has a YouTube channel with videos related to our new book Melting the Ice, and lectures of the Book of Mormon Critical Text project.

The BYU Neal A. Maxwell Institute has a YouTube channel with videos of its guest lectures from LDS scholars, and also its podcasts.

Book of Mormon Central has a YouTube channel with hundreds of short videos related to Book of Mormon topics, and newly posted videos of its 2018 conference held in Provo, Utah.

The John A. Widtsoe Foundation, a Mormon Studies program at the University of Southern California, has a YouTube channel with speeches related to the New Testament Commentary, speeches by Robert L. Millet, Bishop Gerald Causse, John Welch, and many others.

The Interpreter Foundation’s YouTube channel offers videos from their conferences and also videos designed for scripture study and lessons.