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2019 New Testament Commentary Conference Coming Up!

New Testament Commentary Conference Soon!

Read Ephesians, New Rendition, online

We have posted the BYU New Testament Commentary New Rendition of the book of Ephesians online here. We hope reading this version will help in your study of the book. The book is about 3,100 words long and should take less than a half hour to read. This version was created by Philip Abbot, using the Greek text recommended by the Society of Biblical Literature. This text is also available in Amazon Kindle, Deseret Bookshelf, and PDF (for best printing). The full commentary on Ephesians is forthcoming.

What is the New Rendition? The New Testament Commentary authors explain it as “a new working translation of the New Testament. Calling this a new ‘rendition’ clarifies that it does not seek to replace the authorized KJV adopted by the LDS Church as its official English text. Rather, it aims to enhance readers’ understanding conceptually and spiritually by rendering the Greek texts into modern English with LDS sensitivities in mind.” 

New Testament Commentary conference, October 12

You are invited to the BYU New Testament Commentary conference on October 12, 2019, at BYU. Speakers will discuss the Epistle to the Hebrews, Jesus as the Great High Priest, the doctrine of faith, and other New Testament topics. Presentations will be recorded and posted later. See previous conference videos  Click here for full information about the conference.