Volume 46:1 (2007)

Volume 46:1 (2007)
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Volume 46:1 (2007)

Through his personal interest in World War I, George S. Tate finds deeper meaning of D&C Section 138. Remembering the circumstances of 1918—the war, pandemic flu, and Joseph F. Smith's loss of a son—makes the assurance of divine love and ultimate redemption found in D&C 138 more poignant.

Poet Dixie Partridge is both a contributor and a subject of study in this issue. In an interview, Casualene Meyer probes Partridge's process of writing and personal faith. Three poems and an essay by Partridge demonstrate her skill.

Research on the "Mormon outmigration"—the migration of young Latter-day Saints from the western United States to other areas of the country—has been collected by G. Wesley Johnson and Marian Ashby Johnson. In this issue they analyze their research and give three case studies on this little-studied time period.

Douglas Robinson's recent publication Who Translates? analyzes the task of translation and uses Joseph Smith as a case study. Daryl R. Hague reviews the book, summarizes translation theory, and gives an alternative view.

In 1863 West Virginia in the midst of the US Civil War, LDS convert Agnes O'Neal wrote a letter to Brigham Young pleading to be remembered on the rolls of the Church. She relates the story of her conversion and laments that she had not yet been able to come to Zion. Fred Woods gives context and analysis to this letter.

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G. Wesley Johnson
Marian Ashby Johnson
ArticlePg. 41
Roger Terry
EssayPg. 101
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 108
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 117
Dixie L. Partridge
PoetryPg. 118
Dixie L. Partridge
EssayPg. 119
Richard Y. Duerden
Book ReviewPg. 143
Sarah Prete
Book NoticePg. 174