Volume 57:4 (2018)

Volume 57:4 (2018)


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Volume 57:4 (2018)

This issue is the first to appear under the leadership of Steven C. Harper and leads off with his personal narrative of his history with BYU Studies and Latter-day Saint scholarship. This issue’s cover is a painting by Robert T. Pack, “Mary Whitmer and Moroni,” portraying the moment that Mary Whitmer is shown the plates by an angelic messenger. It serves as an accompaniment to the article by John W. Welch on the dates and events surrounding the translation of the Book of Mormon in 1829. The next article is Keith A. Erekson’s, which analyzes a frequently told story that Elvis Presley made notes in a Book of Mormon and concludes that the notes are not Elvis’s. Fred E. Woods’s article tells the story of the friendship between Cecil B. DeMIlle and David O. McKay, illustrated with many photographs of the two of them together. Richard Neitzel Holzapfel and Thomas R. Wells present photographs of the First Presidency on the day of the Salt Lake Temple dedication, April 6, 1893. Eve Koller’s study of a linguistic component of certain names in the Book of Mormon shows what could be evidence of both Egyptian and Hebrew aspects. An essay, two film reviews, and a document look at the life of Mormon pioneer Jane Manning James and the film Jane and Emma.

Table of Contents
Steven C. Harper
ArticlePg. 4
Mark Bennion
PoetryPg. 105
Richard Neitzel Holzapfel
Thomas R. Wells
ArticlePg. 106
Darlene Young
EssayPg. 131
James Goldberg
Veronica Anderson
ArticlePg. 149
Melissa Leilani Larson
EssayPg. 159
Camlyn Giddins
Film ReviewPg. 164
Eric Samuelsen
Film ReviewPg. 170
Angela Hallstrom
Book ReviewPg. 183
Iantha Haight
Book ReviewPg. 209
Richard B. Stamps
Book ReviewPg. 214
Neal Rappleye
Book NoticePg. 219
Hannah Charlesworth
Book NoticePg. 222