24 – Nephite Books Compared by Length and Years Covered


This chart highlights the relationship between pages written and years recorded for individual books in the Book of Mormon. In this divided bar graph, each band spans three columns representing, from left to right, a percentage of the total number of pages of Nephite history a particular book includes, the name of the book (the book of Ether excepted because it covers Jaredite, not Nephite, history), and a percentage of the total number of years of Nephite civilization that the book covers. For example, while 4 Nephi is only a few pages long and represents 0.8 percent of the total number of Book of Mormon pages that record Nephite history, it is the record of four generations of people and covers 28 percent of the years in which the Nephite civilization existed. This chart consolidates information also found in charts 22 and 23.