13. “I Will Give unto Thee the Keys of the Kingdom”

Peter Is Promised the Keys of the Kingdom

“Keys of the Priesthood,” Alan K. Parrish, Encyclopedia of Mormonism
“The keys of the priesthood refer to the right to exercise power in the id of Jesus Christ.” Jesus Christ holds all the keys of the priesthood. While on earth, Christ promised the keys of the kingdom to Peter. These keys are “necessary to maintain order and to see that the functions of the Church are performed in the proper time, place, and manner.”
“Peter’s Keys (Matthew 16:18-19),” S. Kent Brown, BYU New Testament Commentary
The keys promised to Peter bear links to the gates of hell, to the next world, and to a greater knowledge of God.
“‘The Keys of the Kingdom’: Keys from Masada,” Marti Lu Allen, BYU Studies, Vol. 36, no. 3
Photos and discussion about actual keys in the world of the New Testament. Use for visual aids.
Jesus Is Transfigured

“The Doctrine of Divine Embodiment: Restoration, Judeo-Christian, and Philosophical Perspectives,” and “Part I: Restoration of the Doctrine of Divine Embodiment,” David L. Paulsen, BYU Studies, Vol. 35, no. 4
Doctrines of the Restoration show that God the Son is an embodied person. This understanding affects how we view the experience in Matthew 16, when Peter, James, and John received a witness that Jesus is the Christ.