17. “What Shall I Do That I May Inherit Eternal Life?”

Seek Heavenly . . . Treasures

“Eternal Life,” Catherine Corman Parry, Encyclopedia of Mormonism
“To Latter-day Saints the phrase ‘eternal life’ refers not only to everlasting life but also and more particularly to the quality of life God lives.” Eternal life is available to those who are willing to sacrifice the things of this world and follow the example of Jesus Christ.
“The Rich Young Ruler and the Parable of the Unjust Steward,” S. Kent Brown, BYU New Testament Commentary
Jesus prepared his disciples to be wise and faithful leaders. The interaction with the Rich Young Ruler teaches them that if people’s hearts are tied to money and the things of this world, they cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. The parable of the unjust steward praises the steward for taking decisive and shrewd action, but Jesus adds that the correct principle is to be faithful with even small responsibilities.
“Are You a Modern Nicodemus?” Spencer W. Kimball, Improvement Era, June 1958
Do Saints today have the same shortsighted proclivities as Nicodemus? Eternal life is the greatest gift we can receive. To obtain it, the price is high. Nicodemus, a good man, came close and yet fell short. Due to pride, materialistic obstacles, and lack of faith, he was unable to become a true follower of Christ
“What Manner of Men Ought Ye to Be?” Howard W. Hunter, Ensign, May 1994
This article pleads that Church members look to Jesus Christ as the ultimate standard. Christ set a perfect example of right living, in order that all mankind might know how to live, how to improve, and how to become more godlike. We must be willing to forsake the things of this world in order to become like him.