29. “The Number of the Disciples Was Multiplied”

Working Together in the Kingdom of God

Chart 13-11: “Miracles in Acts,” Charting the New Testament
“Following in the footsteps of the Master, the apostles of Jesus performed many miracles as they took the gospel out into the world.” In Samaria, Philip cast out spirits and healed those with palsies. Many people were baptized after witnessing the miracle. In Damascus, Ananias restored Saul’s sight. Saul was baptized to the amazement of the people. Though some doubted the work of the apostles, others attributed their power to God and were converted.
“Always a Convert Church: Some Lessons to Learn and Apply This Year,” Spencer W. Kimball, Ensign, September 1975
As we study Acts and the New Testament, we can learn and apply many truths. “It has always been exciting and continually instructive for me to read of Peter’s ministry, and to learn about Stephen, and Philip…to see how they seemed always to serve on the gospel’s frontier, as do so many of our choice Saints today…The Church will always be a church filled with converts… Let us fellowship and love each other in the true spirit of the gospel.”