33. “Ye Are the Temple of God”

Rely on the Spirit, Not the Wisdom of the World

Chart 12-6: “Paul’s Basic Theology,” Charting the New Testament
Following the spirit leads us to be unified in Christ. This chart shows how as Peter, John, and Paul were unified in Christ, they addressed similar subjects in similar ways through the power of the Holy Ghost.
“Temple Elements in Ancient Religious Communities,” Brent J. Schmidt, BYU Studies, Vol. 50, no. 1
Zion can only be achieved through being unified in Christ, following the spirit, and being morally clean. “While the Mormons have not succeeded in establishing Zion, they have preserved many aspects of a Zion society, and, significantly, their efforts have always revolve around temple covenants.” This article explores the temple characteristics involved in ancient attempts for a Zionistic society.