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Art, Belief, Meaning: The Arts and the Restored Gospel


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Elder M. Russell Ballard once said, Inspired art speaks in the language of eternity, teaching things to the heart that the eyes and ears can never understand. Students and scholars at Brigham Young University discuss art in our theology in this new publication entitled Art, Belief, Meaning. The articles in this volume come from the proceedings of the 2003 Art, Belief, and Meaning symposium.

This volume starts by analyzing some of the challenges of being a Mormon artist. Examples include Pat Debenham’s Seduction of Our Gifts, and Tanya Rizzuti’s Imparting One to Another: The Role of Humility, Charity, and Consecration within an Artistic Community. The next section deals with the aesthetics of art. Articles in this section like Grant L. Lunds’s What Makes a Good Image? What Makes a Good Life? and Bruce H. Smith’s What Can You Do with an Eclair? help us to understand what makes art beautiful. The last section looks at the role of postmodernism in art. Some articles include Taking Off Our Shoes: On Seeing the Other Religiously by Keith H. Lane, and Nancy Andruk’s Accountability, Efficacy, and Postmodernism.

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