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New Testament Commentary: The Revelation of John the Apostle


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Reading the book of Revelation is like stepping inside a red Corvette, strapping on the seat belt, and holding on for dear life as the car drives itself—roaring up precipitous ascents, flying down steep hills, accelerating through short, bumpy straightaways, and banking sharply on an endless series of tight corners. As we try to concentrate on the road ahead so that the car's movements do not surprise us, we see a myriad representations pass by our gaze, offering a kaleidoscope of colors and lines and images that rush by at bewildering speeds. It stops only when we reach the last line of the book.

As we finally come to a stop and look intently on John's master work, now bathed in a full sun, we behold a world that strikes us at first as fearfully and mysteriously strange and fantastic—a world full of bizarre and incongruent images, many formed of impossible combinations, almost like Alice in Wonderland on steroids. Once these symbols, however, are properly deciphered, they combine to present crucial messages for those living in the last days. These messages were designed by God to lead all, who will read, hear, and do, successfully through these troubled times.

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