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Volume 2:2 (Spring-Summer 1960)



In BYU Studies issue 2.2, Hyrum L. Andrus details how Joseph Smith prepared the way for the Mormons to move west. Using contemporary accounts from members of the Church and others, including Governor Ford of Illinois, the article tells of Joseph’s prophecies and plans to move westward.

In another article, Truman G. Madsen analyzes the phrase “God sent His Son,” which is central to Christian doctrine, according to three theories of religious meaning. His scrutiny shows the weakness inherent in each theory.

Also in this issue are a closer look at the controversy behind the Dead Sea scrolls by Lewis M. Rogers; a response by Sterling M. McMurrin to a critique of his work on Mormon theology; Robert E. Riggs’ look at the Unites States’ influence in the United Nations; an examination of the philosophy and work of the Hispanic cultural activist Blanco-Fombona; and the script of The Mantle of the Prophet, a play depicting the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum Smith with an introduction by director Lael J. Woodbury.