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Volume 27:3 (Summer 1987)


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This special issue of BYU Studies provides perspectives on the U.S. Constitution, in connection with its bicentennial celebration. Thomas McAffee looks at its origin, development, philosophy, and contemporary applications. Lynn Wardle describes the Constitution as a covenant with the people. Richard Betterli and Gary Bryner write about the role of public virtue in the life of the Constitution. M. E. Bradford writes about the influence of British law on the framers of the Constitution. J. D. Williams relates the process of creating the Constitution. Edwin Firmage discusses the role of the judicial system in the ending of polygamy and the unresolved conflicts that created. R. Collin Mangrum talks about the relationship between Mormonism, philosophical liberalism, and the Constitution. Bruce Hafen writes on the media and the First Amendment, Richard Wilkins writes about private devotion in public school. Christopher Blakely writes on terrorism and the Constitution.