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Volume 35:2 (1995)


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This issue of BYU Studies contains articles on a variety of topics. While the stories of Mormon pioneers crossing the plains in wagons and handcarts are well known, Stan Kimball looks at the part of the voyage done via boats and trains. Merrill J. Bateman, who would soon become president of Brigham Young University, writes about the relationship between discovering gospel truth and secular knowledge. Naida Williamson writes a biography of David White Rogers, who played a role in LDS history in Missouri, Illinois, and Utah. Susan Easton Black reports her research on the size of the population of Nauvoo in the 1840s. Glen Leonard looks at nineteenth-century artwork of the Nauvoo Legion, which accurately depicted uniforms and settings. Also on Nauvoo, Richard Saunders explores what records tell us about the size and equipment of the Nauvoo Legion. Finally, the Mormon Bibliography for 1994 is a selected bibliography of publications about Mormons and Mormonism, organized by authors’ names and subjects, and ranging from articles in the popular press and scholarly works to family histories and inspirational works.