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Volume 44:1 (2005)


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In issue 44.1, Peter Sorensen writes about the concept of hospitality, and by reviewing ancient texts, cultures, and customs, he illuminates how and why to practice this lost commandment. David Grua explores Ohio v. Doctor Philastus Hurlbut, the only court case wherein Joseph Smith was on the side of the prosecution. Charles Cohen discusses Fawn Brodie’s use of psychology in her writings about Joseph Smith. Two articles address the subject of Zion; J. Spencer Fluhman compares early Shaker and Mormon concepts of a sanctified community, and Craig Galli analyzes the 1833 City of Zion Plat and how it can apply to modern concepts of urban planning. Peter Vousden’s essay takes us to a corner of London where great religious figures and the first Mormon missionaries intersect. Issue 44.1 features a new journal format designed to be more attractive and captivating.

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