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Article of the Week A Modern Acts of the Apostles, 1840: Mormon Literature in the Making
August 3, 2015
by Eugene England
This daily feature is the introduction to a full article by Eugene England which was published in BYU Studies Quarterly, Issue 27:2. To read the full text of this article, follow the link below.

Literature has a powerful and perennial hold on human attention and a central place in human life. We value it, I believe, because it gives unusually moving and memorable expression to our most significant experiences, including experiences in the mind. And we value most those expressions in language which most fully combine effective form and important content: we value significant events and feelings and ideas that are significantly expressed, that is, expressed so as to affect our feelings, including . . .
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New Testament Lesson #33
July 31, 2015

In 1 Corinthians, Paul taught that disciples of Christ needed to be united. Their common goal united them, but what would help them maintain unity? Paul taught them to place Jesus Christ as the foundation of their work. . . .

Book Review
July 30, 2015

This daily feature is an introduction to a full book review by Patrick Q. Mason. To read the full text of this review, follow the link below.

When Adam and Eve were cast out of the Garden of Eden, Latter-day Saints believe, they built an altar . . .

Additional Features
On August 3, in the life of Joseph Smith
On this day in 1831

Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith dedicated the first temple site in this dispensation just west of Independence.

On this day in 1836

Salem, Massachusetts. Joseph Smith arrived in Salem with Sidney Rigdon, his brother Hyrum, and Oliver Cowdery.

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LDS FAQ Angle Moroni
What do Latter-day Saints believe about Jesus Christ?

Willie Handcart
On this day in 1856:

The Saints only walked for half of Sunday.

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