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R. Mark Melville
This new scripture bibliography database, compiled by Brigham Young University Religion and Ancient Studies librarian Ryan Combs, allows users to access bibliographic entries for over seven thousand books, book reviews, pamphlets, tracts, speeches, talks, journal articles, and other material. These publications span 1830–1996, and the database is not yet complete; materials leading up to the present are still being added and eventually will give users ready access an even greater library of resources.

Though not yet designed for mobile devices, the Scripture Bibliography compiled by Ryan Combs is more expansive and much of its material is academic in nature. This database is available to . . .
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Article of the Week
April 23, 2014

Kirsti Ringger's article explains some of the roots and expressions of contemporary art, including work that has been exhibited at the BYU Museum of Art, and provides an insightful analysis of the philosophical background . . .

History of the Church Series
April 21, 2014

The Kirtland Temple stands to this day as a physical link with the Church's beginnings—the first of first temples. It became a place of revelation, communion, inspired learning—a place of awe and joy. Today millions revere it as a place . . .

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On April 24, in the life of Joseph Smith
On this day in 1832

Independence, Missouri. Joseph Smith arrived in Independence after traveling first by steamboat and then an additional 300 miles by stagecoach.

On this day in 1837

Geauga County, Ohio. Martindale v. Smith: Plaintiff by his attorney Hitchcock filed his declaration with Geauga Court of Common Pleas clerk D. D. Aiken. The declaration stated the indebtedness: $5,000 on October 11, 1836; $6,000 on February 20, 1837; $7,500 on April 25, 1837.

On this day in 1842

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith preached on the hill near the Nauvoo Temple concerning the building of the temple.

On this day in 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith took his children on a pleasure ride in a carriage.

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LDS FAQ Angle Moroni
What was the Gunnison Massacre?

Willie Handcart
On this day in 1856:

View text of the company journal with an entry for every day of the journey here.

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