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New Test. Lesson #23 Love One Another, As I Have Loved You
May 22, 2015
by BYU Studies Staff
Jesus gathers his apostles for the Last Supper and continues to teach them to love and serve one another.

Love One Another

"The Lost Commandment: The Sacred Rites of Hospitality," by Peter J. Sorensen, BYU Studies, Volume 44, no. 1

Being a good host is a form of unconditional love. Just as one cannot wholly merit mercy (for the very essence of mercy is that the recipient is unworthy of it), so one clearly cannot be a partial host, catering only to visitors who meet preconceived qualifications. At the Last Supper, Jesus is the host. It is fortunate that John 13 preserves the scene of the Last Supper that is missing from the synoptic gospels. Peter's hesitation to let . . .
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Book Review
May 21, 2015

This daily feature is an introduction to a full book review by Roger G. Baker. To read the full text of this review, follow the link below.

There are Bibles aplenty in our world, hundreds if Amazon.com is any . . .

History of the Church Series
May 20, 2015

This daily feature is an introduction to a full article by Janiece Johnson. Each Wednesday we focus on an aspect of church history, beginning in New York in the early 19th century and progressing throughout the year to Utah in the 20th century. Find more . . .

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On May 24, in the life of Joseph Smith
On this day in 1829

Susquehanna River, Pennsylvania. After Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery received the Aaronic Priesthood, the Melchizedek Priesthood was also conferred upon them by the ancient Apostles Peter, James, and John along the banks of the Susquehanna River between Colesville, New York, and Harmony, Pennsylvania. It should be noted that some historians place the Melchizedek Priesthood restoration at a later date.

On this day in 1834

Edgar County, Illinois. The ongoing Zion's Camp march, led by Joseph Smith, left Greencastle, crossed the Wabash River in ferry boats, and pushed on to the Illinois state line at Edgar County.

On this day in 1842

Nauvoo, Illinois. Smith v. Shearer: The writ of restitution was returned; no property was found belonging to Shearer.

On this day in 1842

Carthage, Illinois. State v. Higbee: In an action brought by Joseph Smith before Justice of the Peace Ebenezer Robinson, Chauncy L. Higbee was charged with slandering and defaming the character of Joseph Smith.

On this day in 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois. City of Nauvoo v. Davis: The County Circuit Court affirmed the convictions of December 2, 1841, for the liquor sales and assault violations but reversed the conviction of Davis's allegded slander against Joseph Smith.

On this day in 1843

Nauvoo, Illinois. To Joseph Smith's pleasant surprise, the Boston Bee published a favorable letter about him.

On this day in 1844

Nauvoo, Illinois. Joseph Smith recounts the First Vision and is recorded by Church member Alexander Neibaur in his diary.

On this day in 1844

Carthage, Illinois. State v. Smith: Grand jury issued an indictment against Joseph for "adultery and fornication" involving Maria Lawrence and other unnamed women, as well as the one for perjury. The suit abated on October 21, 1844, on account of death of Joseph Smith.

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LDS FAQ Angle Moroni
What were the "united orders?"

Willie Handcart
On this day in 1856:

The Saints continued to suffer from the most severe storm they had yet encountered.

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