A Comprehensive Annotated Book of Mormon Bibliography

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A Comprehensive Annotated Book of Mormon Bibliography, edited by Donald W. Parry, Jeanette W. Miller, and Sandra A. Thorne (Research Press, 1996)

A Comprehensive Annotated Book of Mormon Bibliography, a massive compilation recently published by FARMS, is an essential source of information for Book of Mormon scholars. The 650-page volume describes more than 6,300 pieces about the Book of Mormon, including books and monographs, articles, theses, dissertations, pamphlets and reports, book reviews, newspaper articles, plays, and poetry.

The bibliography lists all published Book of Mormon sources that could be found, drawing items from the Mormon collections of sixteen major libraries in the United States and England. To facilitate access, the book includes a diskette with the same bibliographic information in electronic form. This extensive information will provide students of the scriptures with a comprehensive overview of scholarly research on the Book of Mormon, as well as bring attention to areas that need further study.

FARMS has also published a shorter version—A Guide to Publications on the Book of Mormon. This convenient volume contains over 3,200 items, omitting less-substantive or outdated materials and anti-Mormon literature.

Accessing information in these volumes is quick and painless. Annotations and the index are closely interrelated through the use of key words. This time-saving aspect of the book adds to its value as a research tool.

Among FARMS’s most important achievements in recent years, these bibliographies allow researchers and students of the scriptures to access many years of Book of Mormon research by LDS scholars and others, providing a complete perspective. No one who is serious about research and writing on the Book of Mormon should fail to consult one of these volumes.


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