A Land Unpromised and Unearned



The author describes an unpromised land which cannot be earned, but is given to all mankind without condition or contingency. It is a realm of the spirit, of sensory delight, of human associations, growth and transcendence, of truth, beauty and goodness. When conflicts arise between our spiritual and material worlds, it is usually the spiritual world that suffers. When we redefine our spiritual values in terms of the material, the spirit gradually loses its identity and tends to disappear from our lives. Christensen suggests that gratitude warms and gives spiritual meaning to the whole world of human association; that our moments of sincere gratitude are moments when we feel with great certainty that we possess some of life’s most precious things.

Leadership Week address given at Brigham Young University, June 8, 1960 by chairman of BYU’s English Department. Reprinted from P. A. Christensen, Of a Number of Things.



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