A Newly Discovered 1838 Wilford Woodruff Letter


In 1838 Wilford Woodruff was thirty-one years old and had been a member of the Church five years. He had already completed three missions, one to the Southern States and two to the Fox Islands. Woodruff’s parents, his half-sister, Eunice, and his full brother, Azmon, had accepted the gospel. But there were others of the family for whom he was concerned. One of these was his half-brother, Asahel was not a member of the Church, and in that August of 1838, Wilford wrote a letter to him hoping to touch his spirit in such a way that he might be convinced of the truth. This letter gives us an interesting insight into the young man who some fifty years later would become the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


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