Advice from a Prophet

Take Time Out


Keeping fit is an ideal that has been advocated prominently during recent years both in and out of the Church. Yet some Latter-day Saints wonder if there is time for physical recreation or relaxation when there is so much that needs to be accomplished. Many cite the examples of Church leaders who “labor tirelessly in the Lord’s work.” Two letters, found at the Church Historical Department, may bring perspective to our understanding of how some of the General Authorities have dealt with the pressures confronting them. In this exchange of letters eighty-year-old Heber J. Grant counsels a younger apostle, Joseph Fielding Smith, who some thirty years later would himself become the President of the Church. President Grant spoke from experience when he gave counsel respecting rest and physical activity. His interest in sports began early. For example, as President Grant spoke of overcoming difficulties through persistent effort (one of his favorite themes), he often cited his accomplishing the goal of playing on a championship baseball team.

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