Advice on Correct Astronomy


Stars should only
be viewed from the curved
rear window of a station wagon.

The stuttering two dimensionality of
binoculars makes the
delighted glimpse worthless
if mystery and wonder are the
object, and a telescope
worst of all. To view them
outside on your back with the
whole universe sitting on top of you
is too frightening and frameless and
can entertain only a shallow dark despair.

No, there is only one way to view
the stars—

on your back staring out of the
rear window of a station wagon,
being driven on a cool night
down a desert highway,
the side-windows only slightly cracked, stirring the air and
wailing lowly.
A radio on a lonely station
plays softly
such that an entire song cannot be discerned
but occasional snatches of mood sneak in on notes



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Share This Article With Someone

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