All Things Sing Praise


The anteater’s tongue licking praise in the tunnels of the termite mound.
The alpaca spitting praise, olé!
Serrano peppers’ praise in perspiration.
Plastic praise: the Taj Mahal, a million interlocking Lego blocks.
Draw bridge praise slowly, slowly opening.
Elevator praise crescendoing on the ninetieth floor.
The uplifted pinkie’s praise of the saucer.
Praise of the white matter of the cerebellum.
Nervous praise of the nerves.
Praise of the prosthetic standing in for the missing leg.
Single-toned praise of the tuning fork.
Praise of iodine stinging a cut.
Humble praise of the blue spruce chopped down.
After dark, a pile of bad potatoes glowing praise.
Praise snored or snorted by the contented pug.
Cornsilk praise fertilizing each kernel.
Sticky praise of the traveling cockleburr.
The worm’s quiet praise eating the earth.



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