All Things Testify of Him

Inspirational Paintings by Latter-day Saint Artists

Book Notice

All Things Testify of Him: Inspirational Paintings by Latter-day Saint Artists (Bookcraft, 1998)

Landscapes, the heavens, objects, portraits, and events—all testify of Christ in this handsome, large-format volume. Featuring the works of twenty-eight contemporary LDS artists and illustrators, the book is both a visual and a spiritual feast. By having the artists introduce themselves and write their own commentary, the unnamed compilers have carefully refrained from imposing their own judgments or interpretation. Even the arrangement speaks of a hands-off approach—rather than being ordered by subject matter or style, the works are organized alphabetically by the artists’ names, going from Robert Barrett to Christopher W. Young and touching upon such people as Wulf Barsch, James C. Christensen, Greg Olsen, and Gary Smith in between. The sometimes jarring shift from style to style is offset by the opportunity to become acquainted with the artist through their own words. With three exceptions, all the artists live in Utah. Many have regional or national reputations. Several have had their works featured in the Ensign; others will be familiar to folks who have visited either the Museum of Church History and Art or BYU’s Museum of Art or have read BYU Studies. Although people are certain to disagree on who should or should not have been included in All Things Testify of Him, this volume provides a valuable opportunity to view paintings already treasured and to be introduced to other uplifting works.


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