American Teen-Agers of the 1960’s—Our Despair or Hope?



Presidential address delivered at the National Council on Family Relations annual meeting, Miami, Florida, October 1964. Author was dean of the College of Family Living at BYU at the time the address was reprinted in BYU Studies.

Teen-agers of the 1960’s are growing up in the midst of the greatest scientific breakthrough in history. Such areas as education, employment, goals, values, and morality present problems of an unprecedented nature. This generation of teen-agers faces the challenge of making wise choices regarding power, money, sex, prejudice, and their role in the world. They must find a moral code that will suit their needs in the society in which they live. In order to successfully meet the challenges which face them, our teen-agers need to have parents, adults, and community and national leaders who can be models and heroes to them and who can set an example of fairness, morality, and inspired leadership. In spite of the serious problems and challenges which presently face us, this generation of teen-agers may be one of the most trustworthy and capable we have had in a long time.


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