An Impressive Letter from the Pen of Joseph Smith



Because of rivalry and jealousy among the Missouri Saints, the Prophet Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, and Newel K. Whitney were appointed to sit in council with them in April 1832. This was the second visit by Joseph Smith to the Missouri area. After grievances were amicably settled, the three brethren returned to Kirtland by stage via St. Louis and Vincennes, Indiana. At a point between Vincennes, Indiana, and New Albany they had a run-away when the horses became frightened. Joseph and Sidney jumped out of the coach unhurt; but when Bishop Whitney attempted to jump, his coat caught and threw him into the wheel. Joseph stayed with the injured Newel at Mr. Porter’s Public House in Greenville for four weeks. Sometime in those four weeks while Newel K. Whitney was bedfast, Joseph Smith wrote an intimate letter to his wife, Emma. His impressive account of his struggle for repentance and his assurance of his own forgiveness is touching; it is one of the most authentic glimpses of the Prophet’s repentance and effort for worthiness.

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