Brigham Young University

A House of Faith


This is an interesting, provocative, tedious, titillating, mistitled, informative, tendentious, and important book.

An endorsement on the back cover describes Brigham Young University: A House of Faith as a “foray into some of the tensions which have bedeviled the history” of the school. The book’s central issue is summarized in the words of BYU alumnus and former University of Oregon President O. Meredith Wilson: “The tensions between a vigorous church and a vigorous university are greater than many may suppose” (367). Words in a similar vein, taken from the 1980 valedictory of former BYU President Dallin H. Oaks, conclude both the first and last chapters: “A genuine mingling of the insights of reason and revelation is infinitely . . . difficult” (45, 367).


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