Brigham’s Gospel Kingdom



Brigham Young was famous for encouraging his people to develop their divine potential. He was intent on fulfilling his growing vision of the promise he had made the Nauvoo Saints in the dark hour of their bewilderment at Joseph’s death: “There is an Almighty foundation laid, and we can build a kingdom such as there never was in this world.”

And that is what they did—after the trial of the Nauvoo expulsion and the Iowa crossing and the Winter Quarters death and the early starvation in the Valley. They built, under President Young, a kingdom such as the world had not seen, an unearthly kingdom that made people into Saints. It was a kingdom that, though it had no dangerous political ambitions, appalled the politicians and economists and the moralists of the western world and finally had to endure the crushing intervention of the United States Government. Meanwhile it attracted tens of thousands of dedicated converts from all over the world and secured the material and spiritual foundations of the modern Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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