Christian Reflections



Christian Reflections is not the book by which one should make first acquaintance with its author, C. S. Lewis. But it is the most recent book of Lewis’ writings, and, as such, a splendid excuse for talking about a man not well enough known in this corner of the vineyard. The book was not really intended as an introduction. Put together by a friend, Waiter Hooper, after Lewis’ death, it is a collection of papers, essays, and, in at least one instance, incomplete notes. We can be quite sure that if the author himself had prepared the materials for general publication, there would have been some significant changes, for one of Lewis’ greatest gifts was his ability to make every subject he undertook to treat perfectly clear and full of light. Some of the material in Christian Reflections, on the other hand, still lacks the final polish that makes transparency of the haze. But that problem is a most minor one for those of us to whom any appearance of new work by C. S. Lewis is cause for celebration.


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